Tuesday, December 6, 2011


“Life is so complicated. I just wish we were kids, going to school…talking about our first crush…getting thrilled when it used to rain…talking and watching the sunset on my terrace. Life was so beautiful then”, Sheba texted me on one of those days when I felt extremely low. When a stranger reads it, he or she will find it to be ordinary, simple words. As for me and Sheba, they are golden memories of early teenage years, lost in reality and treasured in the heart. Those days will never come back. I know for a fact that I haven’t grown old. It is just that I know I cannot go back in time as much as I wish. So why this sudden urge to go to the past? Well, simply because these days I feel blue. Nostalgia hazes my mind like the sweet-smell of freshly baked cakes. It captivates me and reminds me of who I was and where have I come to be. Those days were so amazing, every moment is imprinted on my memory. The yellow sun turning to orange as it made its way to sink below the horizon, the sky turning from light blue, to pink, then grey and finally dark as the stars appeared twinkling in the great galaxy as though fishes caught in a huge, dark net. The conversations, at times light, at times intense and at times the sudden burst of guffaws both at innocence and foolishness. Sometimes moments spent silent spellbound by the beauty of nature, lost appreciating the melody of the wind and the cackling of birds. Humming the theme of titanic in that pleasant atmosphere making it more worthwhile to just be there, feeling that time must freeze…FREEZE. It is a bitter truth that those days will never come back and my eyes will fill with tears as I reminisce and desire.

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