Saturday, August 4, 2012

Letting go

How do you let go of someone you have loved more than everything? I wonder. Letting go of a person who means the world to you, letting them go because they want to, letting them go because you did not have a choice, letting them go because destiny snatched them away, letting them go so that you could meet them again, a hope burning in your heart like a fire, letting them go because you did not know what else to do, no matter what the reason letting go has not always been the most pleasant feeling. Yet willingly or unwillingly we all have to let go of someone or something in our lives.

We often wonder at such moments how would we survive? Would we get lost in the void? Would we ever rise to a new dawn or would this night never end? Often the sorrow is so deep that we become numb, incapable to think anything, nothing seems to go backward or forward. Life becomes a stop-motion film. We are so afraid to let go that the one moment we have with us feels like eternity and we wish with all our heart that time must stop forever. I watched Pearl Harbour and wondered how did Evelyn let go of Rafe? With all the love she had in her heart for him, how did she let him go, knowing he might or might not come back? And I said to myself heaven knows how many Evelyn’s and Rafe’s lived, live now and will live. No one knows. Letting go of someone I think is what only a brave soul can do, but at times life doesn’t ask you whether you’re brave or not. You get to ask no questions, even if you do, you might never get the answers, and still you have to let go.

You can only live knowing that your heart beats for that person and that you loved that person with your whole being. And yet sometimes you never let go.

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