Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Harsh Realities

I have always lived in two worlds- My dream world and the real world. I spend plenty of time in my dream world. I day dream and with every touch of inspiration another dream is born. Though I love to dream and wonder, I cannot escape my realities. And realities as you know are not always fascinating. They at times are cold, gruesome facts shoved in our face without our choice. Yes I said without our choice. I came across a few, in a short while and I would like to share one or two. Firstly, things will not always be what you want them to be and at such times what one experiences is great confusion. But do remember, that this circumstance can be dealt with. At such times, it is better to figure out what matters the most to you. A major chunk of instability can be restored if you follow what you love. Secondly, the world will not always be open to your ideas. Now you may be this genius with thousand upon thousand ideas bubbling in your mind, restless with enthusiasm, waiting to be unleashed or you might be an explorer who stumbles upon things by chance. Either ways the world might at times play the deaf child or arrogant adult. Come what may, hold your courage. When a deep conviction overrules you, there seems no good reason why you should give up. At the same time, don’t push too hard, use the language of gentleness and even then if the world doesn’t let go of its pride and acts adamant, consider it has doomed itself with freewill. Walk away guilt-free.
Remember you don’t only write your own destiny, you write the destiny of the universe. 

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