Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Bright Blue Brilliant Eyes

Eyes…they can speak a language without the slightest need of words and yet you could hear it so perfectly loud and clear as to an opera with a symphony. They behold worlds of imaginations, universes of delicate, exquisite beauty, unexplored. I saw the eyes of a boy which were so powerful that they compelled me to write this piece. A pair of bright blue eyes, azure like the oceans, like the waters near the coral reeves. You could just look into them and be consumed by them like a fire. So powerful, that they might take away all your weaknesses and you would be left awestruck, frozen in time, speechless and spellbound. You would not act, not move, just look at them with utter astonishment. The light emanating from them would drive away the darkness. The past and future would not matter; your senses would go numb, lost in the pleasure of the moment. And all you would want is to look into those eyes and not stop looking. The eyes which made me feel all this and much more that which is inexpressible are the eyes of Asa Butterfield, Hugo Cabret from Martin Scorsese’s Hugo. The eyes of the child so innocent, yet so powerful, consuming, expressive, the kind of eyes which won’t let you rest. The kind of eyes which will wake you in the nights and fill your days with thoughts, a living poem, a symphony without instruments. A single gaze could scorch you, burn a hole in the darkest part of your soul, no veil shall escape it. It would look through everything. I shall never have enough of them.

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