Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Unseen

I have always believed that there was something bigger and greater than I see. Something which our finite senses cannot comprehend, something larger which could be understood only by thinking big, thinking deep, something whose presence can only be felt, whose magnificence cannot be captured. It is the unknown and the unseen, it cannot be named. Where our thoughts reach an end, there is the genesis of this incomprehensible, nameless force. It is beyond words, beyond common place knowledge. Everything appears to be quite ordinary and little before it. I believe in miracles, in fantasies, in the unseen. This belief has caused me to believe that there is something greater in life than the common day to day things we see. These are but just superficial surfaces of things. There are things deeper and hidden which hold the true meaning. There are bigger things worth living for, those which truly define life. The only way to comprehend this magnificence is our mind, to look from within, to begin to understand, they might be simple things but yet we fail to understand them as we live in the material world. Only the language of the mind can lead us to this revelation. I have always believed that there is much more than I see and have seen. It has always been there and that there is a higher purpose, a greater destiny.

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