Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

Honestly to write a perfect review of The Dark Knight Rises, I’ll have to watch the movie one more time, because the first time I watched it I was completely in Awe of it. I think that explains a lot on my part. Simply another Brilliant movie by Christopher Nolan. BATMAN, Oh! I can’t get enough of him. Words have failed me as the imagery runs deep in my mind, searing through every neuron like a rush of my own blood and memories. It is imprinted on my conscious; it is as if it has become a part of me. This is all I can explain right now as the energy continues to burn in me.
I really detest writing a review at this point of time when I am actually still savouring the movie in my intellectual framework. I do not wish to comment on any technicalities or any aspects of the story itself as if I were a film critic because and only because I wish to write like a person pouring her heart out, her initial reactions on a piece of paper like one does in stream of consciousness. I am not going to choose my words carefully like one does when they are trying to write and represent their opinion in a perfect manner for I feel this is what Batman deserves whole-hearted, unadulterated love, gratitude and an uncontrolled and maddening response. He is my Hero, he really is.
Bruce Wayne he stands for so much than I can ever explain. All the new additional characters to the plot, I mean to say the actors from Inception, everyone fits their roles perfectly like missing pieces of puzzle. I love the dialogues, I love the twists, I love the story within a story, I love the antagonist, strong and fierce, I love the relationship Bruce and Alfred share, the fatherly love, I love the end, I love the fact how Batman will live forever, how there will always be someone to take up the mantle of responsibilities. I love the fact that Gotham will always have a Hero and more than it, the reality that ‘Hero can be anyone’.
The scene which made a deep impact on me though is when Bruce is in Bane’s Prison, seeing the light of the day, looking upward with a hope to climb and be free, attempts to escape, fails, the old man telling him the story of the child, telling him the true secret to reach the light, their whole conversation, the old man explaining the importance of the fear of death, Bruce attempting to climb without the rope, the prisoners and the old man chanting Rise, Rise, Rise, Rise(well I wish to know in which tongue) and Bruce’s Victory, his climb to freedom, that leap of faith and courage. Well, that just hit me hard inside, it made its impression. Like I said Imprinted on my memory forever. The Dark Knight Rises, he truly does.
His rise from Bane’s prison was symbolic of so many real life situations we face in our life on daily basis. We all are somewhere, somehow in our real lives captives in Bane’s prison; we all need to rise like the Dark Knight, for ourselves, for the world beyond, for much more than we could ever anticipate. Today the Dark Knight in us calls out, are we ready to rise from our prison? Ask yourself, because if you do, you might take that leap of faith, you might become the Hero and more than a Hero.

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