Sunday, July 22, 2012

Unexpected Bliss

Have you ever experienced in life the sheer joy of coming across someone or something when you least expected to? It is incomparable to anything and truly one of the most beautiful feelings in this world I must say. When we are expecting things to happen or have put some effort for things to turn up the way we want and when we do land up with the desired result, it feels great. But when we are not even expecting great things to happen, not even in the tiniest corner of our conscious and we get a surprise, that feeling beats every other one.
I felt a bit blue and just stepped out of my house for a while; I walked through the street and goodness gracious I met my Boyfriend. That was all I needed to cheer me up. He was riding his bike to a friend’s place and stopped when I called out to him. We had a heart-warming conversation and he held my hand. I told him I missed him and I wanted so much to be with him. Sometimes all you need are a few, short-lived moments to brighten you up. More than anything what mattered to me then was that, he stood beside me and I could look into his eyes. His presence was my strength and my delight.
At that moment a sense of hope reaffirmed within me that there is a divine design to all that we see. There is truly someone up above who listens to silent prayers and wishes and also answers them in the least expected of times. Sometimes simple pleasures are worth more than milestones accomplished. And yet again like a Narnian I believed that there is a deep magic that governs our destinies. I kept beaming throughout as the thought of the unexpected bliss kept playing in my mind over and over again and my heart overflowed with relentless mirth.

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